Nearing the end of We Are Mammoth’s first decade in business, our team needed the opportunity to reflect on our company and plan for our next ten years of succeeding in a very competitive market. Enter Tom from Navigate The Journey. Instead of going on a retreat and simply celebrating our organization’s survival, Tom led our team and founders through two days of perspective, strategic planning, and scheduling – all with the goal of getting the entire company geared up to launch into its next several years. Since our initial planning sessions (called a “StratOp”), Tom has served as level-headed advisor for our team, helping everyone execute on the initiatives we agreed on, and coaching us as we march toward our objectives.

For me as a cofounder, working with Tom has helped me see our company as more than an organization I helped build – I now see it as a living, breathing organism armed with the tools it needs to succeed on its own. That’s been a huge confidence booster for me and team both, as it’s created the space for me to focus beyond the near term operations of the business on our longer-term strategic vision.

I’ve worked with a lot of companies over the years, as customers, clients, or as an advisor, and to be honest nearly every one of them, regardless of their industry, would benefit from the eye-opening experiences and value Tom provides, just like we did at We Are Mammoth.

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