Leadership Assessments

Our disciplined, intentional, and objective process begins with selecting the right number and combination of assessments. We believe that no one assessment paints the entire picture of who we are, but the combination of certain assessments allows us to understand what truly motivates us and what strengths we should utilize in our life.

Leadership Assessments

Our assessments of organizations involve assessing the individuals so they can both understand themselves and each other better. We also assess the team dynamics of organizations. We can also use assessments to help organizations hire the right people for the right roles.

  • The MCORE (Motivational Core)

    A narrative tool for self-discovery. MCORE is derived from SIMA (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities), an assessment process that is profoundly powerful at identifying your unique pattern of motivated behavior. Once you complete the assessment one of our certified MCORE coaches will review the results and help you discover your core motivations are and how we can tap into them.

  • The EQ-i

    a self-report measure designed to measure a number of constructs related to emotional intelligence. The EQ-i consists of 133 items and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. It gives insight on emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves. It gives an overall EQ score as well as scores for five composite scales and 15 sub scales. It is a very detailed report which is an excellent tool used our coaches for improving how you perceive yourself as well as how others perceive you in the workplace.

  • Strengths Finder 2.0

    Based on a 40-year study of human strengths, Gallup created a language of the 34 most common talents and developed the Clifton StrenghtsFinder assessment to help people discover and describe these talents. When they identify their talents and develop them into strengths, people are more productive, perform better, and are more engaged. The assessment will give us insights into what you do best! From there our coaches will help you take your strengths to the next level. By working from your strengths you can go from a good leader to a great one!

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