Team Building & Coaching

Understand HOW to reach your full potential through a focus on personalized coaching and team building sessions. A distinctive of Navigate the Journey is our belief in and ability to help you through assessment, planning, and coaching. We believe on-going coaching is a critical part of reaching your full potential.  Personalized coaching ensures you stay focused on reaching your goals and overcoming unexpected obstacles.

Team Building Sessions

For owners and leaders. We work with teams to increase overall organizational health, increasing productivity and engagement. These half-day and one-day sessions increase a team's effectiveness, trust level, and accountability. Teams leave these sessions more bonded and aligned. Our sessions cover a wide array of topics which can be customized.

  • Trust Realize better trust levels through team building
  • Productivity Improve results by understanding personality differences and working styles
  • Communication Skills Increase candid and respectful communication
  • Team Alignment Achieve stronger teams through unity
  • Thinking Wavelength Learn to appreciate how others think and relate differently than you
  • Accountability Hold each other accountable for goals set as a team

Leadership Development Programs

For owners and leaders. We work with leaders on coaching them from their natural strengths. We build upon their existing strengths and help them grow additional strengths in an effort to create powerful combinations that can take them from good leaders to great leaders. Strengths based coaching leads to increased engagement, which spurs greater profitability.

Leadership Coaching

We become confidential partners to business leaders, helping them identify clear objectives and tackle a number of key issues. Through our one-on-one coaching, executives become stronger, more self-aware leaders who can face challenges in the workplace with the increased emotional intelligence and confidence.

  • Strengths Leverage your innate strengths and talents
  • Communication Skills Learn how to effectively and efficiently communicate to your team
  • Conflict Resolution Address conflict head on and solve problems quickly
  • Emotionally Intelligence Increase you self-awareness and relate to others at work with more
  • Work-life Balance Discover issues that are keeping you off balance and learn to prioritize
  • Blind Spots Identify those unseen areas that may be blocking true success
  • Employee Engagement Learn how to engage your employees even in remote environments
  • Leadership Assessments Extend you leadership abilities by going deeper on how you perceive yourself and others perceive you in the workplace
  • Motivations Uncover how you are truly motivated and tap into those passions

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