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We are passionate about helping digital agency owners better lead and manage their agencies, their teams and even their own lives.  Our powerful processes to help companies, teams and individuals have been refined further to help the unique challenges facing digital agencies and their owners.  While maintaining the strictest of confidentially about the inner workings of each of our clients, we bring to each client engagement a deep and wide reservoir of patterns we have observed across agencies.  We bring powerful processes, an outside objective, and industry specific insights.  However, we enter into all client engagements believing that the owner and their team already know the right answers – those answers just need to be articulated and acted upon.

Dusty Gulleson

CEO, eResources

Agency Journey

Most agencies were founded by one or a few ‘technicians’ that were passionate about development or design.  Often, more out of necessity than desire, the initial freelancer or small group of freelancers incorporates and begins growing as a company.  During the early years the driving force of the agency is more about finding and producing great work, with little attention paid to building an organization that can grow and scale profitably.  To grow and scale an agency profitably requires an aligned and comprehensive business operating system and strategy.  At some point, the lack of a cohesive and aligned business operating system and strategy is causing pain reflected in people issues, lack of profit, a culture that is not as healthy as it could be, and lack of market differentiation.

Leadership Team Journey

Whether an agency has a formalized leadership team or not, the following five dysfunctions can hold back any team from optimal performance: absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability, and inattention to results.  The full potential of your teams and agency are not being realized due to these common team dysfunctions.  Additionally, agencies are not optimized due to unproductive meetings.

Owner Journey

Agency owners typically have to straddle between being a technician who produces, a manger responsible for putting in place systems and processes, a salesperson responsible for winning new business, and an entrepreneur who deep down desires to move on and start additional businesses.  Owner’s carry all of the burdens of the agency, and are typically giving it their all to just make one payroll after another, year after year.

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Digital Agency Retreat!

Too many Digital Agency retreats are not as effective as they could and should be due to the use of ineffective processes and being led by an internal leader such as the CEO or COO who by nature of being a leader in the Agency is not completely objective.  Utilizing an experienced and objective outside facilitator who uses proven and power processes results in a more effective, enjoyable and fun retreat.  Teams open up more when an outside facilitator leads such processes, which result in more constructive dialogue and the identification of tangible actions that will improve the business.  Our Company Journey, and Team Journey processes, as well as personality assessments are often used as the basis for Agency or Leadership Team retreats.  We can customize our approach for your next retreat so as you can take this important responsibility off of your plate and improve the effectiveness of your Digital Agency’s retreats.

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