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We help digital agencies turn potential into reality through StratOp Strategic Planning & Execution.


There are no shortage of technological frameworks such as WordPress and Drupal that allow digital studios to produce great work without recreating the wheel technologically.  But owners and digital studio teams often struggle with having a business framework which would allow them to view and operate their business as an interconnected whole.  Too often digital agencies are not achieving their full potential due to lacking a business framework which leads to undefined vision, clouded perspective, poor planning and ineffective execution.


We facilitate digital studio teams over a two-day process through the lens of a business framework specifically tailored to digital agencies. This team-based process of self-discovery leads to a strategic operating plan created by your team that allows the owner’s vision for their agency to be articulated as a powerful strategic plan. We then coach the owner and their team over the following six to twelve months as the plan is implemented as a business operating system.


Your team is intrinsically motivated to perform their best work when they have a vision, mission, values and a plan they can buy into. Increased employee engagement and a powerful strategic plan installed as a business operating system turns the potential you envision for your digital studio into reality.

Strategic Planning Results

Either onsite at your agency, or offsite at an annual retreat, we bring your team together in a powerful 2-day process incorporating over 20 exercises that leads to clarity, alignment, focus and direction. Our process results in teams being more unified and committed to taking the necessary actions to improve the agency's performance over the following months and years.

  • Full Perspective on the past and today's realities
  • People strengthen team dynamics, raise engagement, and increase loyalty
  • Managing Growth creation of a long-term plan to sustainably grow your agency
  • Vision clarified 1-3 year preferred picture of the future
  • Mission creation of a compelling purpose statement
  • Employee Development establish growth plans for individual employees
  • Execution accountability to ensure your team follows through
  • Ideal Client identify their key characteristics and what they want, value & need
  • Organization Health uncover issues that need to be resolved
  • Core Values discover, define, and operationalize
  • Processes uncover what is confused or missing
  • Key Performance Indicators establish essential goals to measure success
  • Value Proposition decide how to increase your value to prospective clients enabling higher rates
  • External Trends consider how today's emerging patterns will impact tomorrow
  • Market Differentiation identify the key factors to break away from the competition

How We Partner With Digital Agencies

We come alongside owners to clarify your future vision of the agency, and then guide your team through a process in which your team helps create the plan they will execute to turn your vision into reality.

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Strategic Planning

We facilitate teams through a powerful and proven process to create a strategic Master Plan with the distinct goal of optimizing the company’s performance. We provide coaching and accountability to ensure the plan your team creates is executed and operationalized.

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Team Building

We work with teams to increase overall organizational health, increasing productivity and engagement. These half-day and one-day sessions increase a team's effectiveness, trust level, and accountability.

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