The Company Journey

The Complexity of Leading A Company

Many owner-founders journey from being an independent contractor to one day looking up and realizing they have a team of employees with a large payroll and an organization to manage.  Clarifying critical pieces like mission, values, market specialization and differentiation, and a unified strategy to achieve the company’s vision were likely done in a piecemeal, unconnected manner as the company grew.  Too many owner-founders and their companies have unnecessary complexity due to a lack of a holistic strategic operating system to evaluate, plan and operate the business.

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Vision & Mission

Employees want to come to work each day knowing that they are helping make an inspiring vision and mission become reality.  Owners need to vision cast a compelling preferred picture of their company’s future that is known by all their team.  An inspiring mission or purpose statement succinctly stating why the company exists is critical to defining and defending your culture.

Strategic Plan Creation

Too often owners declare critical elements such as mission, values, and goals for the year ahead without tapping into the powerful insight of their team and utilizing a more comprehensive review, planning and action process.  Owners certainly need to put their stamp on where the company is going, but can achieve greater results when they incorporate their team into a process that allows their team to create an actionable strategic plan they are responsible to execute which will achieve the owner’s vision for the company.

Strategic Plan Execution

The greatest strategic plan ever created isn’t worth the paper it is printed on unless it is executed successfully.  Utilizing a holistic strategic plan creation process that builds strategy execution into strategy creation, and allows the wider team to speak into the plan before they buy in and execute the plan, results in an aligned and motivated team to execute the strategic plan over the course of a year.

the Company Journey

The Company Journey process clarifies an organization’s purpose, the plan to achieve a preferred picture of the future, and ensures the plan your team creates is executed. Company Journey engagements typically last from six to twelve months. We customize our approach, sequencing and engagement scope to achieve your organization’s desired outcomes.

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