Too many people unintentionally drift through life,

so we guide people to discover a plan for their life that leads to

breakthrough insight, intentional purpose, meaning and direction.

Signs you need a LifePlan

You want to stop drifting through life

You want to live a life of purpose & significance

You lack clarity on long-term vocational direction

You have success in some life domains at the expense of others

You sense you want to make a big change but want confirmation

Why LifePlan is the better life plan approach

One-on-one facilitation

Utilizing an objective and outside facilitator to guide you through a proven and powerful process leads to a greater level of truth, breakthrough and perspective as compared to completing exercises on your own.

Grounded in your reality

Too many life planning processes either fully disregard or downplay our past.  LifePlan’s deep dive into your past will discover the truth of your reality, while uncovering the nuggets of truth about your past that will make your future better.

Holistic System

The 20 exercises you are facilitated through during LifePlan gains clarity on who you are (perspective), your purpose (mission), long-term direction (vision), and then makes it clear what you need to do with your life (strategy).

Working on my life plan with Tom was an unbelievably illuminating experience! It brought a ton of clarity to my life‘s purpose and what matters most to me. I came into the Life Plan with high expectations and I ultimately came out of the experience with 10 times more than what I expected. Tom is masterful at what he does. #TrustTheProcess

Chad Paris

CEO, Parisleaf

Working through the Life Plan with Tom was an eye opening experience. It gave me insight into what moments lead to where I am today and gave me clarity on my path forward.

Jeremy Burrows

CEO, We The Collective

How do you know where you are going in your company if you don’t know what the end goal of your life is? It’s great to have a mission and vision for your team and business, but it’s exponentially more impactfull when you wake up every morning knowing you have personal purpose in all you do – at home and in the office. Know yourself, know your reason for being, and then go, infuse that into all you do. You’ll be glad you did and more content and engaged.

Dusty Gulleson

CEO, eResources

LifePlan Journey

LifePlan Log

Why Everyone Needs A Life Plan

Have you ever felt that your life is not as purposeful as it should be? You may feel unsure about your overall direction in life and feel like you are drifting through life as opposed to thriving with intentionality and purpose; your life can feel like you are looking out on a fog-filled horizon, not […]

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