Navigate the Journey has coached many business owners, CEOs, and executives form varied backgrounds. One common struggle shared by many is a lack of life balance with work, family, friends, and even their health. Many struggle with finding purpose and direction amid the busyness of “managing it all.”  LifePlan is designed to lead people to deeper discovery, allowing for renewed clarity on their life vision and purpose.

LifePlan Results

LifePlan is a two-day one-on-one process that leads to deeper perspective on where you've come from, clarity on where you are today, and a plan of action for your future.

  • Mission Define a life purpose statement that aligns with your innate talents and passions.
  • Core Values Discover the core values that shape who you are and how you want to live.
  • Passion Dig deeper into your true heart's longings.
  • Vision Outline clear goals and objectives for your future along with strategies to get there.
  • Career Profile several vocational options and see if your talents and passions align.
  • Replenishment Realize what you need to stay healthy and fulfilled.
  • Work Life Balance Find a more balanced and fulfilling plan for your life.
  • Talent Define your innate talents and gifts.
  • Turning Points Gain deeper perspective on how the milestones in your life shape who you are today.

It's Time to Take Control

We know that many people are not sure what to do next and possibly, life is passing them by. It's time to take control and live a life of purpose and fulfillment. LifePlan is a custom-tailored MasterPlan that defines an individual’s total-life strategy.

  • Two-day, one-on-one deep dive into all of your life with an emphasis on career

  • The LifePlan process guides you to make sense of today's realities, focuses your future vision, and guides you to create a plan to help you get there.

  • This process immediately results in direction & focus, purpose & peace, hope & clarity, and a life strategy you can continually reference.

Apply Your Discoveries

One of Navigate the Journey’s LifePlan facilitators will guide you through a process that ensures we gain perspective on your life, discover your unique design, clarify your mission, and create a plan to apply your discoveries. LifePlanning is a proven and behaviorally sound process developed to help you discover your unique design, clarify your mission, and apply your discoveries to every aspect of your life. We’ve helped our clients navigate the crossroads of life, discover their path, how to better integrate their personal and work lives, and how to be more effective by learning where and how to invest their time and talents. LifePlanning is a customized two-day process that is built on behaviorally sound foundations and which encompasses all life domains: personal, family, vocation, spiritual, and community.

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