The Team Journey

Unlock The Potential Of Your Team

Too many teams fail to unlock the potential of performing at a level greater than the sum of their parts.  Some teams can be called “pseudo-teams” where the group lacks a common purpose or set of performance goals; other teams are “potential teams” because while they are attempting to achieve a common goal they have not established collective accountability.  Some teams are able to operate at the “real team” level where they are committed to common outcomes, working approaches and have a high degree of accountability to each other.  Best of all are real teams that become “high performing teams” whereby they go beyond what is acheived at the real team stage and are deeply committed to each others personal growth and success.

Identify The Root Causes Of Poor Teamwork 

We find that team dysfunction can be traced to two root causes.  First is allowing personality differences to unnecesarily hinder interpersonal relationships and team performance.  The second it failing to identify, address and overcome the dysfunctions all teams tend toward unless they specifically work to overcome them: absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of responsibility, and inattention to results.

Personality And Team Assessments

To overcome the barriers holding teams back we first conduct personality assessments on each team member which allows us to identify how their particular personality traits affect team dynamics.  We then survey the entire team around Team Health to identify areas of relative strength and areas which need to be improved.

Team Workshops

While the frontend assessments and debriefs are conducted virtually, to gain maximum impact from the Team Journey process we conduct a half or full-day onsite workshop with your entire team.  We lead your team through an overview of healthy team dynamics, facilitate a conversation on the strengths and weaknesses of the team, sharing of key insights from their personality assessments, the results of the Team Health survey, and complete the workshop with tangible strategies for action to improve team performance going forward.

the Team Journey

The Team Journey process clarifies individual team member’s personality styles, the areas in which Team Health is currently optimized and strategies for action to improve team dynamics that need to be improved.  We customize each Team Journey package to your specific needs, objectives and team size.  Frontend assessments are conducted virtually.  An onsite half or full-day Team Building workshop allows us to lead your team into significant self-discovery and to create strategies for action to improve team performance.  

team timeline

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