Focusing On Collective Results Takes Intentionality

Patrick Lencioni’s “5 Dysfunctions Of A Team” model captures well the unhealthy behaviors that hold all teams back.  The first dysfunction, absence of trust leads to a fear of conflict; the first two dysfunctions compound further into a lack of commitment and avoidance of accountability, making an inattention to collective results unavoidable.

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Just as a sports team plays to win, a business exists to help the owners get what they want from their company.  Much of this success can be measured and evaluated through the achievement of collective results.  As obvious as this may seem, few leadership teams truly achieve putting the results of the company ahead of their individual performance or the department they lead.  Attention to companywide results takes intentionality and sustained effort to achieve.

The fifth StratOp phase of Management, in a relationally healthy way ensures teams are spending dedicated time asking and answering ‘How are we doing’?  The StratOp framework as a whole also helps leadership teams achieve a commitment to the collective results of the business given the other StratOp phases that provide common language, concepts and tools to analyze and solve their most pressing problems and achieve their greatest opportunities.


However Beautiful The Strategy, You Should Occasionally Look At The Results

Leaders aren’t really controlling, managing and leading their organization unless they understand the results and how to drive the collective performance of the business.  This requires continually learning how they can improve their organization’s outcomes.

StratOp Ensures Leadership Teams Manage The Business To Achieve Goals 

StratOp is a strategic system that helps teams clarify where they are, where they’re headed, and how they will get there. It’s used by organizations big and small, from billion-dollar global corporations to entrepreneurs and startups.  The fifth phase of StratOp is “Management” which ensures the strategic plan and business are managed to achieve desired outcomes and goals.

How StratOp Helps Ensures Achievement Of Collective Results

In the months after the core plan has been created and operationalized through WIN initiatives, we facilitate the Leadership Team through monthly or quarterly Management Reviews.  These dedicated onsite days ensure the leadership team understands company-wide results, and are having focused conversations on what needs to change to ensure accomplishment of desired future results.  Specific StratOp tools include:

  • Plan-On-A-Page Review: We quickly familiarize ourselves with the StratOp plan through reviewing and updating if necessary the Plan-On-A-Page.
  • W.I.N. Updates: Review of each WIN team’s Action Plan progress to date and ensures they are in compliance with their objective, timeline & budget.
  • Update 4 Helpful Lists: With the passage of time and the work on the WIN initiatives we need to ensure we have updated organizational perspective.
  • Update Strategic Control Panel: We update performance drivers, results, and risks & constraints.
  • Update W.I.N. Wheel: Through the foregoing conversations we are able to identify WIN initiatives to retire, reshape or initiate for the first time.

Visit for a full list and explanation of all of the StratOp Management tools.

So What?

Every team has to fight against the dysfunctional behaviors that impede team health, including inattention to collective results.  Therefore, all leadership teams need periodic times of focused attention and discussion on the collective results of the business.  How effectively would you rate your leadership team’s collective management of the business?

Next Steps?

About The Author

  • Tom Barrett is a Nashville-based leadership team coach who utilizes proven processes including StratOp, Scaling Up and the ValueBuilder System to help entrepreneurs get what they want from their business. 

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