Systemize your business to produce consistently exceptional outputs

From a young age my eldest daughter Bronagh has shown signs of being an entrepreneur later in life, such as turning her passion for making slime into a commercial enterprise on Etsy, with accompanying YouTube videos of her and her younger sister making slime to boost their online sales.  One day I was pleasantly surprised to see Bronagh writing out various slime recipes.  When I stopped to ask her what she was doing with her notebook and various ingredients Bronagh indicated that she wanted to make consistent batches of slime each time and to make them profitably!  ‘Yes’ I thought – if she carries this thinking into her entrepreneurial endeavors later in life Bronagh will be more successful than an entrepreneur who doesn’t believe in codifying the process necessary to produce consistently exceptional outputs.


“Systemize the predictable so as you can humanize the exceptional”

This quote captures well the rationale behind the Process Component in EOS®.  Why re-create the wheel every time for processes that can and should be systemized into predictable processes?  Not recreating the wheel each time frees up time and energy to bring more creative effort and thinking to the truly exceptional parts of your business.


How to “Systemize the predictable so as you can humanize the exceptional”


Step #1: Identify your core processes

Gather your leadership team and identify all of your core processes, from marketing & sales, various delivery/production processes, and to the administrative, financial and HR processes.  Aim for about 7-15 core processes rather than 50.


Step #2: Document each core process

Use the “20/80” approach.  Document 20% of the process to get 80% of the result.  Pages 154-155 of Traction have a great 2-page example of a seven step HR Process – each step has bullet points to explain that step, not paragraphs.


Step #3: Collect the core processes

Assemble all of the “20/80” written core processes into one larger manual, which becomes your company’s way of doing business.  (Side benefit: this makes your business more valuable to purchasers).


Step #4: Followed By All

Roll out the core processes to everyone in your company and set the clear expectation that everyone is expected to follow the core processes.


Exceptional slime

Now that my daughters are a few months in to selling slime through their online Etsy store they are benefitting from ‘systemizing the predictable’ aspects of making slime, so as they can ‘humanize the exceptional’ by adding their artistic flair to the end product of their slime batches, all resulting in a great product that their clients are very satisfied with.


Next Steps

  • Read Chapter 7 of Traction “The Process Component” and implement the Issues Solving Track™ in your organization.
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Tom Barrett is a Professional EOS Implementer™ and the CEO of Navigate the Journey, a Nashville based firm that helps entrepreneurs get what they want from their business and life.

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