Like many entrepreneurs you’ve probably either read or heard about the book “Traction” by Gino Wickman that explains the power of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®.  If you’ve ever been curious about what it looks like to implement EOS® fully, which includes a set of simple, practical, real world tools that allows entrepreneurs to get what they want from their business then discover the power of the EOS Model™, the Foundational Tools in the EOS Toolbox™ and the EOS Process™ in what we call the 90-Minute Meeting.

During this 90-Minute Meeting you will learn how EOS® can

  • Get everyone 100% on the same page about where the company is going and how it will get there
  • Ensure you have the right people in the right seats
  • Cut through the clutter of having either too much data or not having the right predictive data
  • Resolve issues for good on a continual basis
  • Systemize your business to make it more consistent and scalable
  • Create a 90-Day World™ of healthy discipline and accountability

Next Steps

  • Visit and schedule a call with Tom Barrett to discuss how implementing EOS® would allow you to get what you want from your business.

About The Author

Tom Barrett is a Nashville-based Certified EOS Implementer™ and focuses on implementing EOS® with growth minded entrepreneurial businesses helping them to Clarify, Simplify & Achieve their Vision.

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