We all end up somewhere in life, but few people live a life of true meaning and purpose, because we never take time out to truly plan out our lives.

Compare how much time you spend planning your vacations, car buying, even weekly grocery shopping compared with how much time you have spent intentionally planning your life.

You may feel unsure about your overall direction in life and feel like you are drifting through life as opposed to thriving with intentionality and purpose; your life can feel like you are looking out on a fog-filled horizon, not knowing the best path to take to live a truly purpose driven life. If you feel this way, you are not alone. Far too many people have never taken the time out to reflect, clarify and plan out a life of intentionality and purpose.

To begin living a life of purpose requires clarity.  Though each of us is the one who has lived our life, we typically haven’t connected all of the dots – what our inherent wiring and strengths point to what we can excel at, what our past teaches us, and what our desires are drawing us toward.  Consequently we are not as clear on the direction our life should take.  Of the many life planning approaches, a Paterson LifePlan is the most effective life planning process I am aware of that clarifies how you can reach our true-life destination with purpose and intentionality. Over two days, a trained facilitator will guide you through 20 exercises that allow you to gain incredible insight into how you can live the life you were meant to live. Here are some of the ways a Paterson LifePlan clarifies your life:

Why you need a Paterson LifePlan

#1 – Considers all life domains

The entire LifePlan process reviews and plans your life though 5 life domains:


The analogy of needing to put on our own oxygen mask first in case of a sudden cabin depressurization on a plane is apt in thinking of this domain.  What do you need to do to take care of yourself first, before attending to all other life domains?  If we aren’t personally optimized and healthy, we can’t live out our true-life purpose in our other domains.


We all have families of origin, and if older likely have a spouse and children that need intentional time, effort and focus.


This domain often receives the greatest attention in our actual life and in the LifePlan process, as most adults spend most of their waking hours in this domain, and it is a source of either greater life fulfillment or angst. As Jim Collins has written: “in the end, it is impossible to have a great life unless it is a meaningful life. And it is very difficult to have a meaningful life without meaningful work.” The LifePlan process is particularly helpful at clarifying your best vocational path.


Whatever your beliefs, we all are spiritual beings with a spiritual domain that needs attention. For some this domain is fulfilled by meditation, for others times reading and reflecting on spiritual books. For others, it is adherence to their faith tradition.


Often the most neglected domain, this area of our life can be fulfilled by more intentional engagement with old friends, neighbors, coworkers, or acquaintances we make through an affinity or hobby. Studies continue to show the importance of friendships as we grow older.

Part of LifePlan’s strength is the comprehensiveness in reviewing your life in a more holistic way, as all of these domains need varying amounts of attention in our life and together make up one integrated life.

#2 – Shows how your past informs your present & future

Your LifePlan facilitator will draw out your key life turning points, events that changed your life for better or worse, and key insights, patterns, and other clues your past contains that is impacting your present and you need to be mindful of moving forward.

#3 – Clarifies gifting & desire

We will live the life we were meant to live, one of true meaning and purpose, when we can live life at the intersection of our “talents”, what we were created to be best at, and our “heart”, what we desire to do with our talents.

#4 – Reveals your hardwired attributes

LifePlan identifies where a person falls on the “Thinking Wavelength” continuum between being more of a concrete to abstract thinker, which is very helpful in considering vocational options. Your LifePlan facilitator will also guide you through making explicit your core values, your life values that you must live out for you to be truly you, and your “internal wiring” which identifies our drivers & comfort zones which give further insight into vocational fit.

#5 – Considers how to maximize your energy and time

Through replenishment cycle and time assessment exercises your LifePlan facilitator will help you assess how you are currently optimizing your energy and utilizing your time, and help come up with a plan to maximize both your energy and time going forward.

#6 – Clarifies a powerful life purpose and vision

By the second day of a facilitated LifePlan, you will have increased insight and perspective into the life you’ve lived and to who you truly are.  Your facilitator will have gained a greater level of insight that they will use to draw out of you explicit statements of life purpose, why you exist, and life vision, where you are headed. Clarifying these statements allows people to see more clearly how they should live the rest of their life.

#7 – Creates a tangible LifePlan

Toward the end of the two day facilitated LifePlan, your facilitator will help you identify the key next steps you must take in order to live out the life purpose and vision that have become crystal clear – in other words you walk away with an action plan for your life, along with ways to periodically assess how you are doing in living out a life of true purpose and meaning.

So What?

We will all end up somewhere in life, but it is difficult to arrive at our true-life destination, having lived a life of true purpose and meaning without intentionally planning out our life.   To live the life we were meant to live requires clarity, intentionality, discipline and follow through. The best starting point I know of to live such a life is a Paterson LifePlan.

Next Steps

If you would like more information on how this process may be able to help you or someone else, feel free schedule a call by visiting navigatethejourney.com


About The Author

Tom Barrett is a Paterson LifePlan Facilitator and has helped over 30 people discover what they were put on the planet to do through the LifePlan process.

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