Like many entrepreneurs you’ve either read or heard about the book “Traction” by Gino Wickman, which explains the power of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®.  EOS® is a set of simple, yet powerful real world tools that allows entrepreneurs to get that they want from their business & life by strengthening the six key components of any business:


  • Vision – getting everyone 100% on the same page about where the business and how its going to get there
  • People – you can’t achieve a great vision without great people
  • Data – run your business on the right set of objective predictive lead measures
  • Issues – continually identify, discuss & solve the most critical issues facing the business
  • Process – scale your business by documenting your core processes
  • Traction – create a healthy culture of discipline and accountability where everyone is focused on their most important priorities

From theory to actually getting what you want from your business

Too many entrepreneurs read a book full of great ideas but have difficulty implementing those ideas in their business.  The EOS Process™ is a proven sequence of daily sessions that allows entrepreneurs to implement the ideas in Traction into their business.


The EOS Process™

Focus Day™

A day to give your leadership team tools to clarify who’s responsible for what, set priorities, improve communication, resolve issues and track critical numbers.  Your leadership team then uses their new tools for the next 30 days to experience real improvement.

EOS® Tools: Hitting the Ceiling, Accountability Chart™, Rocks, Meeting Pulse™, Scorecard


Vision Building™ Day 1

Another day with your leadership team that starts by reviewing and sharpening the Focus Day tools. You will then begin to use the Vision/Traction Organizer™ (V/TO™) tool to clarify your vision, starting with who you are, why you exist, what you do and where you are going. You will also get a great tool for reviewing your people.  Your team again uses the tools for the next 30 days to experience more improvement. This is a spaced-learning approach which has proven to be most effective for quickly gaining proficiency with the tools.

EOS® Tools: Review Focus Day™ Tools, Core Values, Core Focus™, 10-Year Target™


Vision Building™ Day 2

Another day with the leadership team to master the Focus Day™ tools and continue using the V/TO™ tool to complete your vision, clarify your Marketing Strategy, 3-Year Picture™, 1-Year Plan and priorities for the next 90 days.  With your leaders now focused and all on the same page, you’ll use the tools for the next 90 days to execute your plan and experience more improvement.

EOS® Tools: Marketing Strategy, 3-Year Picture™, 1-Year Plan, Quarterly Rocks, IDS™

Quarterly Sessions

A day with your leadership team every 90 days to evaluate their performance, refocus, set priorities for the next 90 days and resolve any issues that might impede progress.  Your team experiences measurable growth and improvement every 90 days – Traction®.

EOS® Tools: Review Prior Quarter, V/TO™, IDS™, Set Next Quarter’s Rocks


Annual Sessions

Two days with your leadership team each year to work on team health and update the vision and plan for the next year and next quarter.

EOS® Tools: Review Last Year/Last Quarte, Team Health, Organizational Checkup™, SWOT Analysis, V/TO™, 3-Year Picture, 1 Year Plan, Set Q1 Rocks, IDS™



Next Steps

  • Visit and schedule a call with Tom Barrett to discuss how implementing EOS® would allow you to get what you want from your business.

About The Author

Tom Barrett is a Nashville-based Certified EOS Implementer™ and focuses on implementing EOS® with growth minded entrepreneurial businesses helping them to Clarify, Simplify & Achieve their Vision.


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