Companies looking to implement EOS® can take one of two broad options:

  • Self implement – that is lead the EOS® implementation effort internally, or
  • Hire a Professional or Certified EOS Implementer™.  Professional and Certified EOS Implementers specialize in helping leadership teams implement EOS®, have completed a rigorous 3-day training program, are committed to ongoing learning and collaboration with the EOS Implementer community by participating in full-day Quarterly Collaborative Exchanges, and teach every tool in the EOS Toolbox®.

In my blog post Eight challenges of self-implementing EOS® I framed issues to be aware of in choosing to self-implement EOS® through the construct of the “Iron Triangle” which captures the inherent tradeoffs in project management between cost, time, & scope and their ultimate impact on quality.

Companies considering EOS® implementation face similar tradeoffs, but it is usually framed more as the choice between self-implementing EOS® or using an outside Professional or Certified EOS Implementer™.


10 Benefits of Hiring a Certified EOS Implementer™

The purpose of this blog post is to highlight benefits of utilizing a Certified EOS Implementer™ from my perspective.

  • Talent & Passion: Implementing EOS® is at the intersection of what I do best (utilizing proven tools and processes), and what I am post passionate about (helping entrepreneurs get what they want from their business and life).
  • Specialization: Experts specialize in one thing.  My ‘one thing’ is helping entrepreneurs succeed through EOS® implementation.
  • Experience: Having helped dozens of companies implement EOS®, I have accumulated a bank of experiential knowledge about what does and more importantly what doesn’t work.
  • EOS® Purity: EOS® is a holistic and aligned system that is incredibly powerful when purely and fully implemented.  I am 100% committed to purely implementing every EOS® tool as originally designed.
  • Objectivity: As an outsider, I have the advantage of being able to quickly identify and verbalize issues an insider may not be able to see as clearly and would certainly be more reticent to mention.
  • Speed: Besides the quality issues of self-implementing EOS®, teams that attempt to self-implement EOS® go much slower than the speed at which I can guide teams through the process.
  • Ongoing Coaching: We utilize a “spaced-learning approach” in implementing EOS Tools® in the right sequence and at the right pace and supplement this approach by coaching teams through the real-world issues they encounter.
  • Continual Improvement: I am personally committed to continual improving in my craft as a Certified EOS Implementer™ and in ensuring the teams and companies I am working with are also continually improving.
  • Guarantee: I am so confident in being able to deliver significant value that if a client doesn’t receive value for a given session, they don’t pay.
  • Graduation: One day your team will graduate from needing me and be able to facilitate their own Quarterlies and Annuals having become 80%+ strong in the Six Key Components™ of the EOS Model®.


So What?

There is a tradeoff between cost, time, scope, and quality.  EOS® allows entrepreneurs to get what they want from their business – how much is that worth to you?  And if I am not the right fit for you and your team, I will gladly help you find another Professional or Certified EOS Implementer™ who is a better fit.


Next Steps

Visit and schedule a call with Tom Barrett to discuss what it looks like to utilize a Certified EOS Implementer™ to guide your team through EOS® implementation.


About The Author

Tom Barrett is a Nashville-based Certified EOS Implementer™ and focuses on implementing EOS® with growth minded entrepreneurial businesses helping them to Clarify, Simplify & Achieve their Vision.

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