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We bring decades of combined executive leadership experience as well as outside objectivity and powerful processes to help owners and their teams focus and grow their business.

Tom Barrett - Leadership Team Coach

Tom helps entrepreneurs maximize the value of their business by implementing a scalable operating system that first aligns their leadership team and is then cascaded throughout the organization.

He starts by understanding the frustrations that are holding the business back and the entrepreneur’s vision. Tom then customizes the right and best approach for their unique business, and stage, to break through the growth barriers that are holding them back.

Over the past six years, Tom has helped over 100 entrepreneurial organizations by implementing practical, proven & powerful tools that work in the real world.

Tom wears three hats with his clients:
• Teacher: He teaches timeless concepts and the best practical & proven tools so each team will learn how to implement the tools & system in the way that will work in their unique culture. Tom knows what works & doesn’t work and is driven to ensure his clients learn from the success & mistakes of others.
• Facilitator: Tom believes ‘the answer is in the room’ but needs to be facilitated out of a team. He facilitates the brutally honest conversations teams need to have to get to breakthrough clarity & insight.
• Coach: Tom spends at least one full day per quarter with each client’s leadership team, supplemented by periodic coaching calls. He helps clarify and achieve their vision, strategy & plan by coaching the entrepreneur and their team to continually improve, one quarter at a time.

Tom believes in continually learning and developing as evidenced by his involvement in three of the leading organizations related to his craft
• Scaling Up – Tom is about to complete the training and certification process to become a Certified Scaling Up coach.
• Pinnacle Business Guides – a ‘best of the best’ community of like-minded, growth-oriented practitioners who have experienced that rigid, ‘one size fits all’ business operating systems ultimately don’t work, and instead believe clients need a guide who can draw from any of the finest business tools on the planet.
• EOS® – From February 2018 until June 2021 Tom was a Certified EOS Implementer™ during which time he spoke at the EOS Conference and facilitated over 300 full day sessions using the EOS methodology, popularized by the book Traction.

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Tom Barrett
Traci Schubert Barrett

Traci Schubert Barrett - President & Founder

Traci Barrett is a Leadership and Strategic Consultant. After spending over 20 years in the television and advertising industry, Traci decided to merge her decades of experience leading, strategizing, managing and mentoring by starting the executive coaching and consulting firm, Navigate the Journey. Through NTJ, Traci helps individuals and organizations discover their motivations and strengths, build their leadership skills, strategize on cultivating business and ultimately, realize their full potential. Traci was part of a small team that launched the national cable television network HGTV: Home & Garden Television in 1994. She helped lead the network to success running their Chicago and Dallas Offices for over 17 years. Traci holds a B.A. in Telecommunications & Marketing from Indiana University. She also holds her M.A. in Professional Psychology from the Illinois School of Psychology.

Traci is a sought after speaker and enjoys sharing perspective on topics such as Leadership, Strategy, and Personal Mission. After living in the City of Chicago for 25 years Traci, her husband and their two daughters recently relocated to the Nashville, TN area. She enjoys reading, music and spending time with family and friends.

Zach Montroy, SHPR - Vice President of People, Team and Organizational Strategy

Zach serves as the Vice President of People, Team and Organizational Strategy at Navigate the Journey. He began his career in public relations and has since held a variety of executive leadership positions over the last 17 years. As an experienced strategic leader, Zach is passionate about helping organizations deliver tactical solutions in people strategy, organizational change, strategic planning and business process improvement. Zach utilizes innovative and strategic solutions to help organizations align mission, values, uniqueness and people competencies to ensure strategic plans are executed with excellence. He is a certified StratOp Facilitator, Leadership Coaching Specialist and a certified practitioner of the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO-B), Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0 and EQ-i 360), MCore (Motivational Core), and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) DiSC and PeopleBest assessments. Zach is also an official member and contributor to the Forbes Human Resources Council.

Zach holds a MBA in strategic management and leadership from Olivet Nazarene University and is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). In all his work, Zach seeks to provide enduring value to organizations by coaching leaders to understand and live out their unique gifts, strengths, talents and passions in an emotionally healthy, authentic, results-oriented way. Zach, his wife Jacki and their three sons call Chicago home.

Tom Barrett

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