Focus and Grow Your Digital Agency   

We guide owners of digital agencies through proven processes allowing them to get what they want from their company, team & leaders

Focus and Grow Your Digital Agency   

We guide owners of digital agencies through proven processes allowing them to get what they want from their company, team & leaders

Navigate the Journey is ideal if your agency needs to:

Implement one business operating system to profitably grow & scale

Consistently set & achieve quarterly & annual goals 

Increase team unity around a common mission, vision & values

Create a healthy culture of disciplineaccountability

Prioritize business development efforts to make revenue more consistent

What makes us unique?

Navigate the Journey…

Specializes in digital agencies, web development studios & creative service firms

Knows what makes owners and their teams tick

Continues to see the same issues impacting agencies

Has developed solutions specific to the unique issues facing creative service firms

Combines in-person and virtual delivery of services

Has a track record of helping agencies produce the results they want

My name is Bret Starr and I am the founder and CEO of The Starr Conspiracy.  We are a 60-person integrated business-to-business marketing agency.  Truth be told, we were running a pretty good agency before we implemented EOS.  Our client satisfaction and employee satisfaction consistently exceed industry norms.  However, we knew we could do more and be more if we applied a more diligent approach to “working on the business” along with “working in the business.”  We’ve been working with Tom Barrett for nearly a year now, and the operating system he has helped us implement to manage our business has opened up our opportunities for growth by an order of magnitude (in the truest sense of that phrase — we have 10x the opportunity now than we did before working with Tom to implement EOS.  It’s not easy.  But it works.  I recommend EOS to any executive or business owner that wants to get everyone in his or her company aligned with a vision and rowing in the same direction.  It’s not a silver bullet and it’s not a trick or a shortcut.  If you’re willing to put the time and discipline in to implementing (and sticking to) a proven method for driving the attainment of your company’s goals, then EOS is a great process for you.  Tom has been with us every step of the way.  Sometimes you have to go outside of your company to gain the objective perspective you need to take your business to the next level.  We couldn’t have achieved the amazing results that are starting to snowball for us if it weren’t for Tom Barrett and EOS.  They are part of our story now, and I hope we are part of their’s. Bret Starr

CEO, The Starr Conspiracy

Tom has added tremendous value to me and my leadership team. We started with the 2-day StratOp Workshop which was a great way to get the team engaged, bought-in and ultimately, on the same page. We continue to engage Tom to help us stay focused on what is most important and to act on the vital few areas that have the greatest impact on the business. David Jones

CEO, Yesler

Tom lead our management team through a series of exercises adapted to fit our phase of business. It was enlightening to look at the company from many vantage points, and make decisions as a team about what the next 3 years will look like. We are starting 2018 with a crystal clear target, and initiatives to execute on it. It’s been so helpful to have a map, a path, and for that matter be clear on what mountain we’re climbing. Greg Bear

President, Bear Group

Proven Processes that Solve Your Unique Challenges

For Companies

Strategic Planning

Create an actionable strategic plan that your team will buy into & execute.

Entrepreneurial Operating System®

Achieve Traction® by implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System®.

For Teams

Team Health

Improve team health & effectiveness.

Virtual Human Resources

Optimize the return on your most valuable asset – your people.

For Leaders

Leadership Development

Grow as a leader through greater self-awareness and coaching.


Discover the long-term plan for your life.

Let Us Run Your Next Digital Agency Retreat!

Productive Meetings Run By Objective Facilitators

Open, Honest Dialogue Leading To Powerful Breakthroughs

Leave With An Action-Oriented Plan Your Team Will Implement

Let us customize the best approach for your agency’s next retreat.

We utilize Tom & Traci to facilitate our leadership team strategic planning retreats & companywide retreats with our fully distributed team of over 40 people. Navigate the Journey’s value is not just in leading our retreats, but also in following up to ensure we execute the plan we created during our retreats – if it weren’t for Tom checking in on us we would have quickly fallen back into our client-only focus.  If you are looking for an outside coach and advisor to help your company determine how to focus and grow as a company, as a team, or as a leader, then I highly recommending reaching out to Tom or Traci. Jody Grunden

CEO, Summit CPA Group

We are a fully remote team and gather yearly for a team retreat. We brought Tom in this year to guide us through the process of identifying areas we can improve, and charting a path to execute on that improvement. It was very well received by my team who sincerely appreciated being part of the conversation. Tom involved everyone, even the shy folks, in crafting the future direction of our company. We’re excited now and ready to take things to the next level. Carson McComas

President, Fuel Made

Tom has been a big influence in my life through his wisdom, guidance, and his ability to partner and come alongside our business and our leadership has been invaluable. More a partner, less a vendor. I recommend Tom to any organization looking for strategic planning, guidance, and leadership/team development. Dusty Gulleson

CEO, eResources

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