Leadership Development

Owning a company doesn’t mean you know how to lead one.

Leadership can feel lonely, confusing, and outside of our reach.

Entrepreneurs that commit to learning the art of leadership take their companies and teams to new heights.

Become the leader required to grow your company.

Signs that you need Leadership Development

Your growth as a leader has stagnated  

Your blind spots are hurting the business

You are not working out of your strengths

You lack a trusted outside coach to dialogue with

The often-felt imposter syndrome is affecting your confidence

How Navigate the Journey helps you develop as a leader


Discover your strengths and blind spots by utilizing insightful assessments such as DiSC & EQ-i.


Clarify a plan for all areas of your life through a one-on-one two-day facilitated LifePlan.

Leader Coaching

Utilize an experienced, trusted and objective coach to help you tackle immediate issues and develop as a leader.

Traci is a calming, trusted partner who creates a thoughtful, safe environment to unpack the dizzying challenges of running a company: from identifying and working to repair friction points in culture and management to winnowing away the plethora distractions to a winning, pointed strategy. Sharpen your mind, your company, and your future with Traci and the Navigate the Journey team. Dusty Gulleson

CEO, eResources

I’m a big believer in Traci’s ability to get teams and businesses to embrace calm, thoughtful and collaborative practices which drive significantly greater efficiency and effectiveness.  Traci invests in candidly understanding goals, challenges and advantages and then crafting strategies that are manageable, consistent, thorough and ongoing.  I think she is a great asset for any business, but particularly a young business with a unique offering and a sense of mission. John Dailey

Senior VP, New Business Development, Scripps

We started working with Traci during a period of growth and opportunity but also during some dramatic change within our company. The process shed light on how each teammate thinks, operates, and what they need to be successful. This shared understanding led to breakthroughs in relationships and camaraderie but most importantly it created space for a new way to interact with each other, to get the best of each other for the success of the team. Stephen Megitt

Owner and Founder, Filament

The Leader Journey

Everyone can improve as a leader but it takes time, effort and intentionality. Our Leader Journey process allows you to learn more about your inherent strengths and motivations, to clarify a plan for your life, and to utilize ongoing coaching – all with the express purpose of becoming a better leader in all areas of your life.

Leadership Blog

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