We guide leadership teams to create a strategic operating plan that is implemented as a system enabling them to get what they want from their business.



We guide leadership teams to create a strategic operating plan that is implemented as a system enabling them to get what they want from their business.

Signs your business needs StratOp

Your team lacks full Perspective on the business

Planning efforts fail to follow through to Action

The Structure, roles & responsibilities to support your strategy are unclear

Ongoing Management of the company lacks discipline & accountability to achieve desired results

Your company’s strategic plan becomes outdated due to ineffective plan Renewal


Design Extensions

“We’ve been in business for almost 20 years, but have started to hit a level of growth that I knew would require us to refocus in a few areas. After meeting Traci & Tom, I decided to bring in Navigate the Journey to help us through the StratOp process. We were all a bit apprehensive at first, but it turned out great. The process and meetings afterwards have helped provide clarity and process for our team that will help us achieve our goals in the coming years. It’s also added a layer of accountability for all of us that’s helpful.” JAY OWEN  Owner, Design Extensions

3 Steps to focus & grow your business through StratOp

1. Discovery Call

Schedule A Call so as we can better understand your specific needs and goals.

2. Create An Actionable Plan

Over a thee-day workshop we facilitate your team through the StratOp phases of Perspective, Planning & Action to create a customized actionable strategic operating plan.

3. Implement & See Results

Through Management Review sessions, we ensure your team implements the plan by guiding them through the StratOp phases of Action, Structure, & Management.

Tom has added tremendous value to me and my leadership team. We started with the 2-day StratOp Workshop which was a great way to get the team engaged, bought-in and ultimately, on the same page. We continue to engage Tom to help us stay focused on what is most important and to act on the vital few areas that have the greatest impact on the business.

David Jones

CEO, Yesler

Tom lead our management team through a series of StratOp exercises adapted to fit our phase of business. It was enlightening to look at the company from many vantage points, and make decisions as a team about what the next 3 years will look like. We are starting 2018 with a crystal clear target, and initiatives to execute on it. It’s been so helpful to have a map, a path, and for that matter be clear on what mountain we’re climbing.

Greg Bear

President, Bear Group

We hired Navigate the Journey to facilitate our annual retreat last year and it was revolutionary for our culture and our business. Using the StratOp methodology, Tom helped us get a lot of skeletons out of the closet, and deal with some unsaid things that had been looming. Using StratOp was also incredible in that it helped us map out a plan for where our agency is headed and to drill down into What’s Important Now (or WIN initiatives).

Chad Paris

CEO, Parisleaf

StratOp Phases

1. Perspective

Where Are We Now?

2. Planning

Where Are We Headed?

3. Action

What’s Important Now?

4. Structure

What Form Is Right For Us?

5. Manangement

How Are We Doing?

6. Renewal

What Must Change?

StratOp Heritage

  StratOp was created by Tom Paterson. The father of modern management, Peter Drucker, described Paterson as the “Process Practitioner” due to Paterson’s conceiving & developing practical processes & tools around Drucker’s management theories. StratOp therefore stands in the line of arguably the greatest business theoretician, Peter Drucker and the greatest process practitioner, Tom Paterson. Paterson accomplished a great deal over a distinguished career including patenting the original innovation for ATM PIN technology, crafting the original concept for Space Mountain in Disneyland, leading innovative teams for NASA, Boeing, IBM and RCA, and was commissioned by the Reagan administration to help China’s transition to a market based economy in the 1980s. But for much of his corporate and consulting career Paterson practiced strategic planning that was often prescriptive, leading to plans that were not implemented – an approach that was unfortunately all too common in decades past as it is today. Spurred on by helpful challenges from executives at RCA and Ingersoll-Rand, Paterson created StratOp, a strategic planning system unlike any other.

StratOp Journey


StratOp is not a one-time event.  Rather, StratOp is a strategic operating system that improves business performance through both a powerful strategic operating plan creation process and a long-term strategic operating plan implementation journey.  We can customize the scope, sequence and timing of the following journey plan to best meet your objectives and desired outcomes.

StratOp Blog

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