Team Health Workshops

Being a healthy and unified team doesn’t just happen, it has to be committed to and worked towards on a regular basis. We help teams align around a vision through team building sessions and coaching that leads to optimal cohesion and greater productivity.

Signs your business needs the Team Journey

There is an absence of trust amongst your team

Your team is unwilling to engage in healthy and constructive dialogue

Individuals are unwilling to truly commit to decisions

Team members avoid acceptance of accountability

Your team fails to pay attention to the overall results of the company

How Navigate the Journey helps increase the health & effectiveness of teams


Proven leadership assessments & debrief calls help team members achieve greater self-awareness.

Team Journey Workshop

Teams identify the issues holding them back, as well as tangible strategies for action to improve team performance going forward.

Team Coaching

Ongoing coaching to guide leaders through the collective change effort of improving as a team.

Traci is a calming, trusted partner who creates a thoughtful, safe environment to unpack the dizzying challenges of running a company: from identifying and working to repair friction points in culture and management to winnowing away the plethora distractions to a winning, pointed strategy. Sharpen your mind, your company, and your future with Traci and the Navigate the Journey team.

Dusty Gulleson

CEO, eResources

I’m a big believer in Traci’s ability to get teams and businesses to embrace calm, thoughtful and collaborative practices which drive significantly greater efficiency and effectiveness.  Traci invests in candidly understanding goals, challenges and advantages and then crafting strategies that are manageable, consistent, thorough and ongoing.  I think she is a great asset for any business, but particularly a young business with a unique offering and a sense of mission.

John Dailey

Senior VP, New Business Development, Scripps

We started working with Traci during a period of growth and opportunity but also during some dramatic change within our company. The process shed light on how each teammate thinks, operates, and what they need to be successful. This shared understanding led to breakthroughs in relationships and camaraderie but most importantly it created space for a new way to interact with each other, to get the best of each other for the success of the team.

Stephen Megitt

Owner and Founder, Filament

the Team Journey

The Team Journey process clarifies individual team member’s personality styles, the areas in which Team Health is currently optimized and strategies for action to improve team dynamics that need to be improved.  We customize each Team Journey package to your specific needs, objectives and team size.  Frontend assessments are conducted virtually.  An onsite half or full-day Team Building workshop allows us to lead your team into significant self-discovery and to create strategies for action to improve team performance.  

team timeline

Team Health Blog

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