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Jeremy Burrows


Recently our business was in need of some focus and clarity around our organization, looking back at what got us here and looking forward to what’s next. As members of the Bureau of Digital, we were introduced to Tom and Traci and were immediately excited about their StratOp process. As a smaller agency, we were able to have our entire team of 12 participate in the two-day session led by Tom. The two days were jam packed with valuable insights and discussion and resulted in a refreshed focus on our mission and vision with the entire team aligned around it.

Since the session, Tom has continued to support us in an advisory role which has been extremely valuable. We will continue to work with Tom and Traci in the years ahead and would strongly advise any other organization looking to find focus and clarity for their organization to do the same.

Craig Bryant


Nearing the end of We Are Mammoth’s first decade in business, our team needed the opportunity to reflect on our company and plan for our next ten years of succeeding in a very competitive market. Enter Tom from Navigate The Journey. Instead of going on a retreat and simply celebrating our organization’s survival, Tom led our team and founders through two days of perspective, strategic planning, and scheduling – all with the goal of getting the entire company geared up to launch into its next several years. Since our initial planning sessions (called a “StratOp”), Tom has served as level-headed advisor for our team, helping everyone execute on the initiatives we agreed on, and coaching us as we march toward our objectives. For me as a cofounder, working with Tom has helped me see our company as more than an organization I helped build – I now see it as a living, breathing organism armed with the tools it needs to succeed on its own. That’s been a huge confidence booster for me and team both, as it’s created the space for me to focus beyond the near term operations of the business on our longer-term strategic vision. I’ve worked with a lot of companies over the years, as customers, clients, or as an advisor, and to be honest nearly every one of them, regardless of their industry, would benefit from the eye-opening experiences and value Tom provides, just like we did at We Are Mammoth.

Companies we have helped Focus & Grow

St. Paul Academy discusses how their Journey helped them plan for their children’s educational future.

Dusty Gulleson

CEO eResources 

Tom & Traci are a calming, trusted partner who create a thoughtful, safe environment to unpack the dizzying challenges of running a company:  from identifying and working to repair friction points in culture and management to winnowing away the plethora distractions to a winning, pointed strategy.  Sharpen your mind, your company, and your future with Tom and Traci.

Ka Wai Cheung

Partner, We are Mammotuh, Inc.

Traci did a wonderful job guiding me through a two-day LifePlan session. It provided clarity in not just where my passions and purpose live, but helped uncover how my past experiences shaped me today. It also gave me clarity on where I need to go to pursue my life’s purpose.

John Dailey

Senior VP, New Business Development, Scripps Networks INc.

I’m a big believer in Traci’s ability to get teams and businesses to embrace calm, thoughtful and collaborative practices which drive significantly greater efficiency and effectiveness.  Traci invests in candidly understanding goals, challenges and advantages and then crafting strategies that are manageable, consistent, thorough and ongoing.  Traci also embraces the human side of business process, and was consistently a top-rated manager, mentor and influence inside our company; she knows how to get people to feel empowered, under control and invested.  I think she is a great asset for any business, but particularly a young business with a unique offering and a sense of mission.

Stephen Megitt

Owner and Founder, Filament

We started working with Traci and Navigate the Journey during a period of growth and opportunity but also during some dramatic change within our company. Using the StratOp process as a rallying point to gain clarity and perspective, we worked as a team to tailor a vision for what we wanted our company to be —and with Traci’s leadership, created the plan to get there. The process shed light on how each teammate thinks, operates, and what they need to be successful. This shared understanding led to breakthroughs in relationships and camaraderie but most importantly it created space for a new way to interact with each other, to get the best of each other for the success of the team. I’m very much looking forward to a continued partnership with NTJ and Traci as our company grows from challenge to challenge.

Kimberly Clark

Vice President, Via Studios 

Working with Traci has been an amazing experience. I have learned so much in a relatively short amount of time. I am seeing the direct results of her coaching in my daily life, and as a leader, partner and friend. I cannot recommend working with Navigate the Journey highly enough.

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