Virtual Human Resources

Optimize the return on your most valuable asset, your people, by utilizing a virtual HR expert to support and grow your team.

Virtual Human Resources 


Optimize the return on your most valuable asset, your people,

by utilizing a virtual HR expert to support and grow your team.

Six Areas Critical To Your People Strategy 

How a Navigate the Journey vHR Strategist Supports Your Team

Recruiting and Onboarding

Hiring assessments that guide you in selecting top talent with the right acumen to grow your team to its peak potential.

Training & Development

Specific development plans tailored for each employee that build growth paths, predict big results and equip your team to perform at their peak potential.

Strategic HR Development

Customized and scalable HR solutions create sustain momentum that drive your strategic plans forward and position your company for growth and success.

Performance Feedback

Simple, yet effective performance appraisal systems so employees are heard as well as challenged.

Employee Relations

We work to ensure that employee concerns and requests are addressed while working to make entire teams more cohesive.

Owner/Manager Coaching

Don’t go it alone.  Leading people can be hard.  A vHR Strategist is your confidant and coach to help you be the best leader possible.

A Virtual HR Strategist is ideal for your company if:

Your hiring process isn’t recruiting the right people or your turnover is high.

There isn’t a consistent and meaningful feedback process for your team.

There is lack of alignment with your people strategy and business plan.

Team members are not growing as leaders.

You find yourself feeling constantly frustrated with “people issues.”

Healthy, high performing companies experience 21% greater profitability and 17% greater productivity.

If you know an accountant, you know that they hate change.  And, running a distributed CPA firm of 40 professionals is the definition of change to the highest degree.  So, from day one our focus at Summit CPA Group was to build an amazing team culture around such a unique business structure. As you could probably guess, having a distributed team presents both challenges and incredible opportunities. Navigate the Journey has helped put action to this vision giving us objective data and strategies to improve team engagement. The NTJ team are our trusted advisers helping us think intentionally around people strategy and coaching our leaders to think better around client and team engagements. Jody Grunden

CEO, Summit CPA Group

I’m a big believer in Traci’s ability to get teams and businesses to embrace calm, thoughtful and collaborative practices which drive significantly greater efficiency and effectiveness.  Traci invests in candidly understanding goals, challenges and advantages and then crafting strategies that are manageable, consistent, thorough and ongoing.  I think she is a great asset for any business, but particularly a young business with a unique offering and a sense of mission. John Dailey

Senior VP, New Business Development, Scripps

The Navigate the Journey team is a true partner! They became part of our business, learning who we are, what makes us unique and has helped us dive deep into culture issues that used to be causing employee disengagement. Since working with NTJ we’ve clarified team roles, acted on employee feedback and we’re coaching our team on leadership and client effectiveness. Adam Hale

COO, Summit CPA Group

The 5 Top Challenges of Human Resources


Finding The Right People For The Right Seats

We work with leaders to determine what structure will be best support their strategy and then assess candidates whether internal or external for those roles.  Our methods and expertise help you hire or promote the right person the first time reducing costs and needless turnover.

Growing Team Members As Leaders

We work with owners to identify key leaders in the organization that can be coached and groomed as leaders providing growth opportunities even in relatively flat organizations.  We help take leaders from good to great.

No Consistent Feedback Loops So Employees Feel Heard And Managers See Growth And Change.

We work to develop simple but effective performance appraisals and feedback loop systems.  Employees feel heard and recognized while understanding the goals they need to meet for future performance.  We also work with employees so they understand their blind spots and become better team members.

Core Values Are Words On A Wall Not Incorporated And Operationalized In Culture

We help teams take their core values and operationalize them into the daily actions of the team.  We work to strengthen culture while avoiding group-think and maintaining creativity and innovation.

Team Is Not Aligned And Passionate About Company Mission And Value

We help owners communicate vision and mission on a regular basis.  We help you to set clear goals and expectations while working to get the team aligned and passionate about the exciting destination that lay ahead for the company!

3 Steps to Optimize The Performance of Your People

1. Discovery Call

We ask questions to understand your objectives and identify people issues that are holding your business back.

2. Create An Actionable HR Plan

We devise a HR Strategic Plan that can be put into action immediately to achieve your stated objectives and goals.

3. Bring your new HR Strategist Onboard and See Results

We serve as your vHR Strategist through onboarding, connecting with your team and implementing your HR Strategic Plan.

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