Focus and Grow your Business

We help companies, teams, and leaders break through obstacles, gain a fresh perspective, and chart a successful path to the future.

Focus and Grow your Business

We help companies, teams, and leaders break through obstacles, gain a fresh perspective, and chart a successful path to the future.

Develop a focused, aligned, and actionable strategy to achieve even greater success

Every company, team, and leader inevitably gets stuck when they encounter certain predictable barriers that hinder growth. To breakthrough to the next level requires a new perspective, improved planning and more effective action.

Lead Your Company To

The Next Level

Many companies are stuck due to lack of clarified vision and lack of a tangible executable strategic plan created and shared by the wider team that allows the owner’s vision to become reality.  Achieve the preferred picture of your company’s future you know is possible by unleashing the collective potential of your team.

Cultivate A Thriving Team

The greatest advantage available to any organization is a healthy culture of highly functional teams.  However, company cultures are plagued by five common dysfunctions including an absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability, and inattention to results, as well as unproductive meetings.  Unleash the full power of your company’s culture by building healthy and cohesive teams.        

Live A Purposeful Life.

One common struggle shared by many leaders is a lack of balance between work, family, friends, and even their health. Many struggle with finding purpose and direction amid the busyness of “managing it all.”  By taking time out to intentionally reflect and plan, you can pursue a life of intentional purpose in all domains of your life.

Nearing the end of We Are Mammoth’s first decade in business, our team needed the opportunity to reflect on our company and plan for our next ten years of succeeding in a very competitive market. Tom led our team and founders through two days of perspective, strategic planning, and scheduling – all with the goal of getting the entire company geared up to launch into its next several years. Since our initial planning sessions (called a “StratOp”), Tom has served as level-headed advisor for our team, helping everyone execute on the initiatives we agreed on, and coaching us as we march toward our objectives. For me as a cofounder, working with Tom has helped me see our company as more than an organization I helped build – I now see it as a living, breathing organism armed with the tools it needs to succeed on its own. That’s been a huge confidence booster for me and team both, as it’s created the space for me to focus beyond the near term operations of the business on our longer-term strategic vision.”

Craig Bryant, Founder, We are Mammoth, Inc.

“Recently our business was in need of some focus and clarity around our organization, looking back at what got us here and looking forward to what’s next. As members of the Bureau of Digital we were introduced to Tom and Traci and were immediately excited about their StratOp process.  Our entire team of 12 was able to participate in the two-day session led by Tom. The two days were jam packed with valuable insights and discussion and resulted in a refreshed focus on our mission and vision with the entire team aligned around it.

Since the session Tom has continued to support us in an advisory role which has been extremely valuable. We will continue to work with Tom and Traci in the years ahead and would strongly advise any other organization looking to find focus and clarity for their organization to do the same.”

Jeremy Burrows
Founder, We the Collective

“Tom & Traci are a calming, trusted partner who create a thoughtful, safe environment to unpack the dizzying challenges of running a company:  from identifying and working to repair friction points in culture and management to winnowing away the plethora distractions to a winning, pointed strategy.  Sharpen your mind, your company, and your future with Tom and Traci.”

Dusty Gulleson, CEO, eResources

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