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Every company, team and leader inevitably gets stuck when they encounter certain predictable barriers that hinder growth.  To breakthrough the next lid on forward progress requires new perspective, improved planning and more effective action.  Let us chart a course for your Company, your Team, and for you as an Owner to realize even greater clarity, alignment, focus and movement.


Signs of Company stagnation: Ineffective Execution, Not Enough Profit, People Issues, Lack of Competitiveness, Easily Distracted, Unclear Direction


Signs of Team stagnation: Absence of Trust, Fear of Conflict, Lack of Commitment, Avoidance of Accountability, Inattention to Results, Unproductive Meetings


Signs of Owner stagnation: Not Feeling Fulfilled, Lack of Life Purpose & Direction, Unsure of How Your Business Supports Your Life, Career Success Negatively Impacting Life Outside Work, Uncertain of how Your Strengths Can Best Serve Your Business, Unknown Exit Strategy

  • StratOp

    2-Day Facilitated Strategic Planning Retreats and On-going Coaching

  • Team Building

    One-on-one executive coaching, team building, leadership assessments.

  • Leadership Coaching

    One-on-One Leadership Coaching: A Confidential Partner in Running Your Business

  • LifePlan

    2-Day Facilitated Strategic Planning Session for your Life

Traci Schubert Barrett Traci helps individuals and organizations discover their motivations and strengths, build their leadership skills, strategize on cultivating business and ultimately, realize their full potential.

Tom Barrett Tom helps organizations and leaders turn vision into reality by leading teams and individuals through powerful processes that clarify vision and enable the creation of a plan to achieve their potential.

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